Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones

Spencer has spent the last 19 years advising sovereign governments on a wide variety of financial matters.

In recent years he has advised the Russian government on its external debt restructuring negotiations, on its return to the international capital markets, on its relations with the major credit-rating agencies, and on various liability management issues, including its negotiations with the Paris Club to prepay outstanding obligations worth US$38 billion. Most recently he advised the Russian government on their US$5.5 billion Eurobond issued in April 2010 and their RUB 90 billion Eurobond issued earlier this year. He has also advised the government on the development and management of its sovereign wealth funds, including institutional framework and asset allocation strategy.

Spencer also advised the Serbian authorities on that nation’s restructuring agreement with the Paris Club, which incorporated the most generous terms secured by a middle-income country in the Club’s 50-year history, and on restructuring its London Club obligations on comparable terms. He has also worked with the governments of the Dominican Republic and Ecuador on a wide range of debt management issues as well as the governments of Jordan and Peru on their transformational liability management transactions.

He previously worked at Houlihan Lokey, UBS and SG Warburg, including on SG Warburg’s loan syndications desk and in international bond sales, where he developed a broad understanding and knowledge of the international capital markets.

Spencer has a degree in politics, philosophy and economics from Oxford University.

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